Expect the Unexpected

A few questions to understand the real truth about our company culture and to gain more insight into the work environment.

The answers are probably a good start and they’ll definitely do more to assess your dream job. If you are interested and more questions raised feel free to connect!


Can you describe the Harlem Next work ethic?

We believe that the quality of your work defines you. To stay balanced we would like to see your face most of the time but we are all different people, with various needs, rhythms and ways of working and also have to deal with COVID-19. We find it important that you take responsibility for your own (or the team) actions and lead by example.

Do I really need a degree to become part of Harlem Next?

We offer you the opportunity to expand your own knowledge base. If you have what it takes to get the job done, nobody is asking about that piece of paper.

The current development team that I am part of is totally alienated from the rest of the office, so can you define the Harlem Next code?

Our company houses different species and that’s just fine! But Seriously … we all are result driven, ambitious people with our own backstory and because we work in the same field of expertise, we are in a completely different universe.

I’d like to explore new technologies, should I keep my findings to myself? 

Don’t do that! As a team we are open to new insights. So if the newest innovation works, we will even implement it in the work we are doing for our clients.

How about debugging your own code?

Am I missing a ;

Can I have my lunch at my desk?

We believe staying at your desk all day can decrease your productivity and increase stress levels. Having your lunch in our beautiful “Harlem Lounge” creates an opportunity to socialize and get to know the other departments. Furthermore, sitting for long periods of time can cause a whole host of health issues. In short, sitting is the new smoking so get up! Therefore we also have ergonomic chairs and height adjustable desks.